Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering


AkzoNobel-EssentFoto6For more than thirty years ErgoS handles complex human factors optimizations in several branches such as process industry, shipping, airports, healthcare, transports and logistics. We have carried out projects in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Cariben, Ireland, Australia and China; dealing with international engineering and different user cultures.

Our professionals have a variety of educational backgrounds and work experiences. Depending on the type of project we allocate  the most suitable team. We are consultants as well as engineers. Our project scope covers the design process from feasibility up to the implementation. We deliver photorealistic visualizations, detailed specifications for materials and complete construction drawings, ready to be forwarded to suppliers. Project management, prototyping, user test, mock-up, and hierarchical task analysis are examples of ErgoS’ activities in projects.

Regarding Human Computer Interaction we have ample experience in optimizing software, interface design and presentation of information, resulting in more effectiveness, efficiency and comfort. Our software projects can be synchronized with the scrum cycles of an agile approach.

Education and research

ErgoS supports the development of knowledge in the field of Human Factors. That is why teaching, developing learning material, research and publishing are key activities within our firm. The EON institute (Ergonomie Opleidingen Nederland – Ergonomical Education) is part of ErgoS’ activities. Within EON the ErgoS staff members create and teach courses and workshops on ergonomic topics.

ErgoS is frequently involved in research projects, either independently or in collaboration with other parties. In the past, a comprehensive investigation has been made into process control and alarm management, resulting in practical guidelines (1998). More recently we initiated research into HF guidelines for CCTV-systems. Whenever needed, research is also carried out within the scope of some engineering projects.

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