Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering


In the maritime sector, optimizing the relationship between people and technology is a key factor in the overall performance. Special ergonomic issues concerning sensory perception (like night vision), environmental factors, physical load or workload in 24-hour working situations have to be optimized.

ErgoS is active in different areas of the maritime sector. For example, ships’ bridges, control posts for coastal and inland traffic, locks and bridges, maritime HCI, and offshore production (gas and oil).

ErgoS offers support in for instance:

  • Task analysis
  • Task allocation: optimal work allocation between people and automation
  • 3D field-of-vision / sight line studies
  • User participation
  • Control room & workplace design
  • Information presentation design
  • Design review – CRIOP Validation & Verification

Field-of-vision analyses are often part of a Human Factors design contribution. For example, the view outside from a ship’s bridge can be obstructed by window frames, deck equipment, consoles and even colleagues. We make realistic 3D models for field-of-vision analysis, because it is possible to generate pictures, panoramas and movies from every conceivable position and viewing angle.

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Our projects

Harbour patrol vessel

RPA 8 - Harbour patrol vessel

ErgoS was contracted by Shipyard Kooiman for the ergonomic design of workplaces and interior of the RPA 8, including selection of colours and materials. The pictures show a ‘front-entry’ navigation workplace. This concept offers the best combination in field-of-vision and control access on ships of this type. Another innovation is the movable desk workplace, allowing to be used at both sitting and standing positions. The lower deck interior also works out well: a clever combination of arrangement and furniture details results in a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. Kooiman Interieurbouw did a great job in transforming the designs to a high quality build. Photos by Kooiman Scheepsinterieurbouw.

Vox Amalia / Vox Alexia
Trailing suction hopper dredgers

Vox Amalia / Vox Alexia - Trailing suction hopper dredgers

International dredging and offshore contractor van Oord is building a series of two innovative hopper dredgers. ErgoS is contracted for the bridge & ECR workplaces and console design. Other contributions are covering accommodation deck arrangement, design of cabins, offices, mess, galley, gym and recreation rooms.

Redesign Coastguard Centre

Redesign Coastguard Centre - Caribbean

ErgoS redesigned the Joint Rescue and Coordination Centre of the Caribbean Coastguard at Willemstad (Curaçao). The RCC supervises border control, customs at sea, fisheries, environment, and monitors safe shipping. It handles maritime distress and safety radio communications, search and rescue, and supporting maritime contingency.

The project consisted of

  • situational analysis and task analysis in the existing JRCC
  • user participation
  • functional design of a new layout and operator workstations
  • 3D design
  • full specification of engineering requirements.

In this project, it has been challenging to realize all requirements within a limited space. Total effort has been approximately 45 days

Coral Energice
LNG tanker

Coral Energice - LNG tanker

Gas shipping company Anthony Veder is building the first example of a new generation LNG Tanker. ErgoS is contracted for the bridge, ECR & cargo control room workplace and console design. Other contributions are covering accommodation deck arrangement, detailed design of cabins, offices, gym and recreation rooms.

Cable laying Vessel

Nexus - Cable laying Vessel

Van Oord’s Nexus is a cable laying vessel, specifically designed for offshore wind parks. ErgoS was contracted for the bridge design and workplaces on the front and aft bridge, cargo loading control room, and CCTV plans. Other contributions are covering interior design of the mess and recreation rooms.

Submersible crane vessel

Sleipnir - Submersible crane vessel

Marine contractor Heerema is building the Sleipnir, the worlds largest submersible crane vessel. ErgoS is contracted for the bridge design, field-of-vision study and basic design of bridge workplaces.

Remote Lock control

Rijkswaterstaat - Remote Lock control

More and more locks in the Netherlands are operated remotely from a central location. This development resulted in a number of questions about Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and led to a joint study on CCTV. ErgoS studied the perceived image quality by operators, the Influence of angle of view on distance perception and image distortions.

Being specialists on CCTV control and ergonomic control room design, ErgoS was asked to guide the design process and provide the control room layout including CCTV presentation for a number of lock centralization projects.

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