Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering

Control centres

Human Factors & Control centres

Many control room projects concern an upgrade of existing instrumentation in a control room, as well as a further automation in the field. Special Human Factors topics are:

  • Evaluation of operator workload. Design of optimal operator functions.
  • Controlroom and control building layout.
  • Design of workplaces, such as operator desks, permit counter, engineering desk, and meeting areas.
  • Graphics design to optimize process operation
  • Off-normal (or alarm) management

A typical project starts with the analysis of the tasks and the work situation. The findings are talked over with the users and project team. After this, several layouts are drafted which clarify the pro’s and cons of different concepts.

For the detailed design of control workstations in addition to 3D-moddeling, we recommend using a mock-up: a 1:1 scale model of the workplace. This is a very useful design tool which gives users a good impression of the look and feel of the final workplace. This human factors design approach will contribute to efficient process operation.

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Our projects

Shin Etsu
Renovation control room

Shin Etsu - Renovation control room

Shin Etsu renovates their control room interior and workstations. This came with new opportunities, more space in the control room, but it also made it necessary to replace or modify ceiling, floor and ventilation systems. ErgoS was asked to develop a Basic Design for the control room and the workstations in it. The Basic Design included a functional design of the control room, layout sketches and 3D-images of the interior design.

Gasunie Transportation Services
Command Centre

Gasunie Transportation Services - Command Centre

Gas dispatching and transport, within and cross border the Netherlands is controlled from the Gasunie Command Centre.

In 1992 ErgoS provided a layout design for this Command Centre for a first time. 20 years later the room was refurbished and fully adapted to additional (new) dispatching tasks. Again this project is realized in close corporation with a group of end users.

Currently, ErgoS is involved in the development of the HMI for a new process control platform.

The pictures show some remarkable details: in the centre of the room is a construction with overview screens. They are mounted in such a way that mutual eye contact by dispatchers is possible from a sitting position as well as from a standing position. The console itself is made up of fixed mounted legs with a height adjustable desk surface. The design of the workstation creates a maximum of leg room for the users. An additional result of this design is the open space, despite the impressive dimensions of the workplaces. Finally, the pictures show how a variety of design choices can be visualized in a 3D model.

Powerplant Control Room

AkzoNobel-Essent - Powerplant Control Room

The supervision and operation of the Delesto power plant is carried out from the AkzoNobel-Essent control room. In close cooperation with end user, Ergos developed a new design for the lay-out of this room, the operator consoles, a new set of furniture and the ceiling. On the basis of 3D-drawings and a wooden mock-up (full size prototype) we realized a functional and spacious result.

Gas de France Suez
On-shore Control Centre for Off Shore Gas Production

Gas de France Suez - On-shore Control Centre for Off Shore Gas Production

From this control room two or three operators control and supervise 42 different gas production locations in the North Sea. For a good overview each workplace consist of five screens. As a consequence a new set of powerful control graphics was developed. Furthermore, ErgoS designed the layout of the room, the workplaces, and the lighting concept. The styling to the GdF concept and detailed design was carried out by Braaksma & Roos Architects.

Waste Incinerator Control Room and Crane Cabin

ARN - Waste Incinerator Control Room and Crane Cabin

In this project two isolated 24-hour workplaces are transformed in a special work space design, in which the control room and the crane cabin are combined in the same room.

An unusual detail is the curved wall with overview monitors. The windows allow entering of daylight, without reducing the perceptibility of the information on the monitors. The curved wall together with the corresponding floor pattern, compensates the long corridor appearance of this room in an effective way.

Ivar Aasen
Det Norske

Ivar Aasen - Det Norske

The Ivar Aasen field is situated west in the North Sea and is Det norske’s first major development project as operator. The Ivar Aasen field is developed and operated from Trondheim. Det norske aims to make use of state-of-the-art technology, ensuring efficient operation and low offshore staffing. An operation centre with an onshore control option will be established in Trondheim.

The Wood Group Mustang is the topside contractor of this Ivar Aasen project and has been engineering the production platform in their offices in London. ErgoS professionals have participated in the EPC-phase of this platform.

In the role of HF/HMI lead engineer ErgoS was responsible for all HF/HMI activities and deliverables. The main part of the HF/HMI activities were related to designing the Control Centre layout and operator workstations for this new production platform. In particular this included a task and function analysis, job and workload analysis, a CRIOP and the Control Suite design specification.

Especially issues related to the collaboration between onshore and offshore control has been given much attention in this project.

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