Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering


Many projects are a mix of HMI design and design of the physical workplace and hardware. Software projects may be limited to administrative applications, such as database applications for banking and insurance, others may be embedded machine interfaces. Screen size varies from smartphone size to multiple desktop screens and video walls.

When dealing with design projects in the software sector, ErgoS offers support in:

  • Complex database applications, e.g. for: ERP, health care sector, financial sector.
  • Complex real-time processing: traffic control, process automation, energy distribution, monitoring.
  • Digitalization of (document) workflow.

Our projects

Gas Transport Services

Gas Transport Services -

GTS replaces its custom made control software in the coming years. ErgoS contributed to this replacement from the very beginning. Starting off with a hierarchical task analyses for gas dispatching and stating ergonomic requirements for selecting a software supplier. A special issue were the pros and cons of so called ‘world map systems’; in such a system one navigates to objects by zooming and panning in a continuous map.

A supplier was selected who redesigns its software for electricity distribution systems for gas distribution. ErgoS designed a complete style, coping with all necessary symbols and their states and rules for designing schematics. World map features are used in a minority of the schematics, most of the schematics are made for a fixed scale.

Designing for application designers

Uniface - Designing for application designers

Uniface is a frame work for designing database applications. An application can be defined and designed independent of the platform it will be used on. The frame work automatizes a great deal of standard actions on database, record and field level.

Uniface wanted a redesign with a higher ergonomic quality and an up-to-date look and feel to stay attractive for the younger population of software developers.

Typical for the project was an investigation of the mental load for software designers while executing the design phases.

Erik Mulder (ErgoS) provided the keynote at the conclusion of the autumn conference 2015 of Face-to-Face, the association of Uniface users.

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