Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering


Human Factors (HF) can prevent incidents.


A fire incident at the ExxonMobil Refinery Rotterdam was investigated by the Dutch Safety Board. The Board concluded an alarm management problem and operators not following procedures. Read more…

Virtual mock-up of bridge design Coral EnergICE


A new tool we recently use for our Human Factors design projects is the ‘virtual mock-up’. In a virtual mock-up the user can review design proposals by using a VR headset. We can also use 360 panorama-renderings, like in the example of a ships bridge, in this case of the Coral EnergICE, a brand new LNG tanker of Anthony Veder, for which we did the bridge design. Read more…

Shipyard Kooiman delivered the RPA 8


Recently shipyard Kooiman delivered the RPA 8: the latest patrol vessel of the Port of Rotterdam. The vessel is innovative in many aspects. ErgoS contributed to the project by designing the wheelhouse, workplaces, control panel arrangement, interior design of upper and lower deck and other ergonomic aspects. Read more…

Trends in Autonomous Systems


Very soon autonomous vessels will navigate over the Trondheim Fjord or along the east coast of Norway. The question is: could autonomous vessels also be unmanned? Researchers think differently on this, as became clear at the Human Factors in Control Forum Meeting, 17-18 October 2017 in Trondheim. Read more…

Sea trials RPA 8


Shipyard Kooiman is currently performing sea trials with their latest build, a patrol vessel for the Port of Rotterdam. ErgoS contributed to the design of this ship, including a 3D field-of-vision study, wheelhouse design, navigation and command workplaces, camera plans and interior design. Read more…

Brochure - Maritime Human Factors


Now available: our brochure on Maritime Human Factors. An overview of the most important aspects of Human Factors in the maritime sector.

ErgoS on and off shore involved in gas extraction project Egypt.


Occasionally, we are involved in one project through different contractors and perspectives. This is the case with a BP project for gas extraction in the West Nile Delta.

Leaflet – Control Centre Ergonomics


Newly available is our leaflet on control centre ergonomics. A successful control centre project starts with a thorough situation-analyses, followed by a systematic and 3D supported design of the centre, the workplaces, as well as the work organization. Read more…

Bærekraft and ErgoS combine their knowledge and experience


Bærekraftig Arbeidsmiljø WE Sustain (Oslo, Norway) and ErgoS HF Engineering decided to collaborate in Human Factors activities for the oil & gas industry, as well as the maritime sector. Read more…

Unknown, but valuable: the HFC Forum


ErgoS is a member of Human Factors in Control, abbreviated HFC Forum, an international network for people working with human factors. The HFC arranges every year two conferences. The theme of the May conference was ”Organizational safety and safety culture – current challenges and future directions“. Read more…

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