Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering

Traffic centres

Operators in traffic centres use a combination of computer applications, CCTV and communication technology to monitor and control traffic flows, and quickly respond to incidents and alarms. The safety of people is always at stake and situational awareness is a very important basis to the operator for taking the right decisions.

In many cases there is a development from traffic control to long-term traffic management. Operators in traffic centers become key figures in planning, control and purchasing of transport services needed to physically move vehicles, boats airplanes and freight.

Our projects

Traffic Control Centres

Traffic Control Centres - Rijkswaterstaat

The Netherlands (RWS – Rijkswaterstaat) operates 5 Traffic Control Centres for monitoring the national roads and highways. Since 2007, ErgoS has been involved in design and redesign/refurbishment projects in Wolfheze, Rhoon, and most recently Velsen. The Wolfheze project concerned an extension of the number of workstations within the existing (relatively limited) space. It led to a new vision on the use of large screen displays (i.e. the replacement of large videowalls).

Nowadays, the new workstations have been standardized and a refurbishment of all traffic centres is being realized.

Related ErgoS activities: development Human Factors Guidelines for CCTV-system design and a human factors review of the standard traffic control operator workstation.

Centralized Bridge and Lock control

Rijkswaterstaat - Centralized Bridge and Lock control

Locks and bridges are increasingly remotely operated. Object along the canals in Limburg nowadays are operated from the Maasbracht Control Centre. This major project started already in 2006.

The ErgoS assignment was to guide the design process and provide layout proposals, consisting of

  • Work visits & analysis on all existing objects.
  • Development of layout proposals in cooperation with the end users.
  • Mock up sessions with the end users.
  • Final report (as an input for the selection of an architect).

The actual design and realization started in 2009. ErgoS was contracted for a formal review (validation & verification) of the building, workplaces, work environment and graphics design. Including a transition process and aftercare, the project was finished early 2016.

The pictures of the realization are originating from Creon.

VTS Control Centre Den Helder

Rijkswaterstaat - VTS Control Centre Den Helder

The water traffic around and in the harbour of Den Helder is coordinated from this centre. In cooperation with a group of users, the layout and workplace design is done by ErgoS. A large part of the harbour and the surrounding area is modelled in 3D to review the views to and from the centre in advance of the design. This resulted in workplaces at different levels, through which an optimal view from all workplaces was established.

Sluis Weurt

Rijkswaterstaat - Sluis Weurt

A video projection wall was installed in the control room of Lock Weurt. This situation did not meet the expectations; the camera images were, of poor quality and outside view from the control room was limited.

In 2010, ErgoS was asked to provide a new layout including large screen TFT displays, instead of the videowall. By means of a 3D AutoCAD model the best sitting positions were determined from which both the view towards the environment outside the control room and the view on the displays with camera images was optimized. The users of the lock are very enthusiastic about their new workstations.

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