Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering
Bridge the gap between operations & engineering

CCTV Guidelines

HF Guidelines for CCTV systems in control centres.

  • HF Guidance now available
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  • Procedure started to include guidelines in ISO-11064 Ergonomic Design of Control Centres


A CCTV-system is a human machine system, consisting of an observed reality, cameras, transmission, displays, image presentation, workplace(s), and cognitive information processing. CCTV is used for traffic supervision, tunnel safety, surveillance, security, remote control, oil and gas production and so on.

There are well established Human Factors (HF) guidelines available for control centre design. However, these standards hardly address CCTV. Therefore, ErgoS initiated a research project Human Factors of CCTV in practice. Four research partners and 13 supporting organizations adressed the leading question: What should an operator be able to see, detect, or read reliably on CCTV images? And therefore, what HF requirements should be met by the CCTV system?


HF Guidelines are now available. The document follows the structure of the ISO-11064 standard on the design of control centres. Chapters are:

  1. Project Ergonomics – the engineering process
  2. System Description
  3. Tasks and jobs
  4. Control centre layout and workplace design
  5. Image presentation and interaction design

Further development of the guidelines continues We intend to keep up with the technological development. If you are interested in supporting the research, please contact Ruud Pikaar. In return for your contribution, we will share all our knowledge and practical experiences on HF of CCTV-systems.


  • Human Factors of CCTV Part 1 – Technolgy and Literature Review (42 pages)
  • Human Factors Guidelines for the design of CCTV – systems (75 pages)
  • Several project related articles are submitted for a special CCTV-symposium at the ODAM – conference in Copenhagen (August 2014;
  • Human Factors Guidelines for CCTV Control Center Design – Introduction to a symposium, Ruud Pikaar, Dick Lenior: Copenhagen 2014) (download)
  • Human Factors Guidelines for CCTV system design – Proceedings 19th Triennial Congress of the IEA, Melbourne 9-14 August 2015 by Ruurd Pikaar (1), Dick Lenior (2), Kirsten Schreibers (3), David de Bruijn (3) (download)


Please contact Ruud Pikaar for more information

Research partners

  • ErgoS Engineering & Ergonomics (Enschede)
  • ICA – HAN University of Applied Sciences (Arnhem)
  • Intergo (Utrecht)
  • VHP human performance (The Hague)
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